How To Get The Most Of Your Synthetic Hair Extension Fitting

How To Get The Most Of Your Synthetic Hair Extension Fitting

Sure, there are guidelines when it comes to fitting clip in hair extensions, but these will only get you halfway.  The trick to flawless clip in hair extensions is not fulling the rules rigidly, and making the hair extensions work for your hair type.

For those that are new to clip in hair extensions, follow our step by step guide for the perfect hair extension fitting here, however once you have mastered the basics, here are our top tips on how to lift your hair extension game to the next level.

Tip 1: Flawless Blending

Rarely do we have hair that is all one colour, and more often than not our roots are deeper and darker than the rest of our hair.  If we don't already have a rooted shade to perfectly blend with your hair colour, then a quick spritz of a root cover up like L'oreal Paris Magic Retouch and your hair extensions will blend like never before.

Holding each piece at a distance, lightly spray the top of each of your hair extensions to match your own roots.

Tip 2: Secure With Bobby Pins

All of our hair extensions come with firm and secure clips that will stay in place all day, however if you have sections of your hair that are finer than others, then use a bobby pin to add more security.  As long as it is well hidden then there are no rules!  

Tip 3: Pick n Mix

We have designed our clip in hair extensions so you can create a custom bundle that is just right for you.  If you have super fine hair, then a full head of hair extensions is going to be far too much hair for you, and therefore you are able to build your own bundle, dropping out the 5.0 piece to make a set that is right for you.  Equally, if you have super thick hair, add in an extra row for even more volume (wow that would be ALOT of hair!).

Tip 4: Space Buns & Beyond

Our pick n mix bundles arent just for full heads, think a little outside of the box and you have unlimited creations, for example you could purchase our 2.0 set to enhance your space buns, or a 4.0 to wear in order to simply add a little volume instead of length.

Top 5: Cut, Feather and Blend

Contrary to popular belief, synthetic hair extensions can be cut and styled, you just need to find a willing hairdresser, and there are plenty!  Let your hair dresser know you would like your synthetic hair extensions to be cut, blended, or shaped, and they will talk you through booking an appointment that will truly elevate your hair extensions to new heights.

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