How To Fit Sugalane Stennies

How To Fit Sugalane Stennies

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to properly fit a set of clip-in hair extensions:

What You Will Need:

  1. You’re sugalane hair extensions
  2. Hairbrush
  3. Sectioning clips
  4. Mirror
  5. Bobby pins
  6. Comb

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

Start with clean, dry, and straightened hair. 

Step 2: Organise the Extensions

Lay out the clip-in extensions in the order you plan to attach them. Extensions typically come with different wefts of varying widths. 

If you have opted for a full set of sugalane synthetic hair extensions, these would usually be orders from bottom to top as:

  1. 3 piece set
  2. 4 piece set
  3. 5 piece set
  4. Finally the 2 x 2 piece sets would be placed at either side of the head.

Of course every head is different, and we like to encourage customers to use their hair extensions in the order that suits them.  For example, you may have finer hair and not need the full set, or your might only be looking to add thickness to the front and therefore only need the 2 sides pieces, there are no rules!

Step 3: Section Your Hair

Use sectioning clips to divide your hair into horizontal sections. Start by creating your first section at the bottom of the head.  You will want this section to be a couple of inches in depth.

Step 4: Braid Your Bottom Section

This step is exclusively for this section only, as the purpose of this section is to completely conceal your natural hair length that sound peep through at the bottom.  You will want to braid this section, securing with a small elastic, and then using a bobbypin or two to secure the braid against the head.  This will stop the shorter lengths being visible, and also provides your first section a really secure base to anchor on your first row of hair extensions.

Step 5: sugalane 3.0

Unclip your 3 piece row of hair extensions, and secure the centre clip to the top middle of your section, just below the parting.  Then secure the order 2 clips with side.  Your first row is now installed!

Step 6: sugalane 4.0

Now you will need to take your next section, around an inch above your first section, but you wont need to braid the hair this time.  Instead, take your comb, and backcomb where your clips are going to be placed.  This will ensure your clips can have a nice secure hold.  As before, you can now secure the clips to the section, and move onto your 5.0 piece.

Step 7: sugalane 5.0

Repeat the same steps as above to secure your largest hair extensions piece

Step 8: sugalane 2.0

Now take your 2 x 2.0 pieces, and repeat the same steps as above, but to each side of the head, making sure to be aware of your parting to ensure that there is enough hair to cover the hair extensions.

Step 9: Adjust

Now that all of your hair extensions are in place, you can take a step back to assess the placement.  Do the pieces at the front need to come forward a little?  Do any of the clips need a little extra back combing? Do I need to remove a piece that is too visible.  Hair extensions are a fully customisable experience, therefore make sure you are taking the time to assess what works for you for the most flawless of fittings.

Step 10: Style

Now you are happy with the placement you can style your hair.  Running a straightener through your hair and the hair extensions at 180 degrees will help incorporate your hair with the hair extensions for a flawless finish.

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